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Within the framework of the project on the development of artificial intelligence systems, Qwerty AI , a dialogue platform has been launched, which allows to memorize information of interlocutors in a chat mode and search for counter offers! 🙂

For example, by simply talking to the Qwerty AI robot, you can:

find a friend, husband, wife or ...! (" Dating " team)

sell or buy a car! (commands " Sell a car " or " Buy a car ")

rent or rent an apartment! (" Real Estate Rental " or " Tenant Search " commands )

sell or buy an apartment! (commands " Sell apartment " or " Buy apartment ")

sell or buy a house or land! (commands " Sell a house " or " Buy a house ")

The success of the interactive platform speaks of a real breakthrough in the exchange of ads between network participants - during the first 3 days of operation of the platform, users in different countries (the platform supports 46 languages) created several thousand announcements.

But the main convenience of the platform is that the user does not need to spend time on independent search and filtering of information - artificial intelligence automatically, by sending a message to the instant messenger, notifies you that there are counter offers that satisfy your request. In this case, you will receive, first of all, the proposals coming from geolocation!

To do this, open one of the following links in your mobile browser:

Viber - https://qwertynetworks.com/l/QwertyAI

Telegram - https://t.me/QwertyAIbot

FB Messenger - https://www.facebook.com/Qwerty-Networks-386338555436469

In addition to the possibility of placing ads and selecting counter offers, you will also get the opportunity to communicate with artificial intelligence on various topics, ask him questions and even use him as a personal assistant!

This is an automatic translation.
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