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Want to easily find a mistress, a wife, a friend?

Want your publications not to delete?

Do you want to not be sent to the ban, and the group has become a really interesting place to communicate and search for interesting interlocutors?


So ... The group was created solely for the purpose of pleasant dating , publishing your own photos and searching for partners. You can get acquainted not only openly, but also anonymously and with promotion (about it below).

Publications must be in Russian . We respect Ukrainian and other languages, but, understand correctly - we have a strongly mixed audience.


1. Insult other members of the group or go to the individual.

2. It is strictly forbidden to ask for help or money! Including personal messages to other members of the group! If you are asked to transfer funds under any pretexts - immediately inform the moderators and administrators!

3. Publish phone numbers or other means of communication. Arrange in private messages. Or order advertising from us.

4. Make political or religious sayings or comments. A group outside wars, outside politics and outside religions! The world is ruled by kindness, love and sex. Everything else is not from a great mind!

5. It is forbidden to publish photos of strangers. Even if the photo is you. You can publish ONLY your own photos.

6. It is forbidden to register, mention or publish photos of persons under the age of 18. Including It is forbidden to publish photos of their own children. The group is not for that.

7. Press on sexual or sexual preferences. In this group, respectful to all - heterosexuals, gays and others. Do not like it - ban each other, so as not to see the publication, but in no case do not insult! See point 1.

8. Publish memes more than 1 time in 24 hours! Do not turn the group into "affiliated classmates"!

9. Strongly prohibited content of pornographic content (which includes, including the publication of photos, where you can see the reproduced parts of the body, defining sexual characteristics), as well as pedophilia and other publications prohibited by law.

10. Argue with the administration and moderators, or dispute their decision.

11. It is forbidden to "knock on friends" to administrators and moderators.

PUNISHMENT - warning and ban. Ban can occur without warning, it all depends on the adequacy and level of aggression of the offender.

You can complain about the publication or comment if you think that the rules of our group have been violated.



* Post your own photos with a request to rate them or comment. Publish dating profiles (with the obligatory indication of the purpose of dating and information about yourself). Questionnaires to find a sexual partner are published exclusively on a fee basis.

* Anonymous publication of your profiles on behalf of the page of our group is allowed, with indication of your contact information - a paid option.

To men

* Comment on female profiles EXCLUSIVELY benevolently and without aggression. Humor is allowed, but subject to mutual respect. Be sure to apologize if something offended the girl.

* Publication of questionnaires for men - the questionnaires will be strictly rejected, if 1) they do not contain photos 2) the age is not indicated 3) the activity is not indicated 4) the purpose of the acquaintance is not indicated

* Free published profiles with the goals of friendship, marriage, travel. Questionnaires for intimate meetings are published only on a fee basis - from both women and men.


* Advertising and commerce - $ 30. The post is fixed in the tape for a day, then leaves in the tape. Requisites for payment ask admins.

* Anonymous publication of the questionnaire or questionnaire with the search for partners for intimate meetings - $ 20. Requisites for payment ask admins.

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