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We announce the entry into the market of Russian-speaking consumers of the European company Qwerty Networks - a developer of international web portals, real social networks and, even, artificial intelligence systems. In the Russian market, the interests of Qwerty Networks are represented by Social Nevtorks LLC .

Qwerty Networks - groups of projects that use a single information and functional environment for the creation and development of social networks. All projects of the company are powerful social networks. Qwerty Networks provides unique services for creating full-fledged international social networks, as well as multi-functional Internet portals based on the Qwerty Social Network Engine platform.

 Many inhabitants are unaware that the social networks that we are familiar with are not just websites, because they cannot be hosted on a shared hosting, they use proprietary technologies that ensure project security, sustainability to colossal workloads, and manageability of project algorithms using artificial intelligence systems. Thus, public decisions based on well-known engines (and mods-additions to them), offering to implement a social network or web portal based on a regular site, mislead users. After all, the maximum that can be done with the help of public and free solutions is sites similar to social networks that not only can not withstand the enormous load, but also do not have (except for external similarity) technical requirements specific to social networks. Qwerty Networks solutions make such projects affordable. Want to become the new Zuckerberg or Durov? Contact the Russian representative office, Social Networks and experienced professionals will help you translate your ideas into technically competent projects and excellent implementation! 

One of the famous projects of Qwerty Networks is the artificial intelligence system Qwerty AI - a robot with which you can speak 42 languages of the world on almost any topic. Tens of thousands of people chat with Qwerty AI every day. On the basis of Qwerty AI, many AI solutions are implemented and not only in the field of developing social networks.

As for the cost of creating a social network or web portal, it depends on many factors - for example, whether your future project will be a social network of a general plan or profile, as well as whether your project requires co-financing and are you ready to include it to the project pool with general authorization. The final cost of developing a social network can range from one to several million rubles. At the same time, Qwerty Networks offers co-financing for projects whose ideas and interests lie in the general concept of the company's products and meet its goals.

Decided to become Durov? Zuckerberg? Or maybe you have enough ambitions for your surname to become famous, as well as your future social network? Contact Qwerty Networks or its Russian representative office.

Russian representative office - https://digitalmarketing.ru/creating-social-networks

This is an automatic translation.
Click here to read the publication in the original language.

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