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Qwerty Networks

Qwerty Networks is an international IT company with branches and representative offices in different countries, whose main activity is the creation and development of social networks, as well as highly loaded portals (for example, marketplaces, payment systems) and artificial intelligence systems.

At different times, our specialists have developed individual modules of many well-known Internet projects. We took part in open hackathons of large projects (marketplaces, social networks and payment systems). Our projects are powerful international social networks.

We have created a scalable infrastructure that includes computing power in different parts of the world, the Qwerty Networks cloud, neural networks, hot and cold storage systems, on the basis of which we create highly loaded web projects, marketplaces and social networks that can withstand heavy loads and support 42 languages the world.

Our services are unique. We not only accept orders for the development of highly loaded international portals and social networks, but also co-finance projects whose ideas are interesting or useful for humanity. We make the world a better place!

Historical reference

We have been creating IT technologies since 2001. Yes, yes, that's right - the main composition of the company's leading engineers was formed exactly when the main directions of our activity were the creation of advertising systems and business automation systems.

At different times, our specialists have developed individual modules of many well-known Internet projects. We took part in open hackathons of large projects (marketplaces, social networks and payment systems). Our projects are powerful international social networks.

In 2018, the direction of the development of systems with artificial intelligence was opened - Qwerty AI (based on the cloud neural network solutions Qwerty Neural Network). According to many experts and bloggers, our solutions are superior to those of many well-known companies.

Qwerty AI is a multi-level AI system with neuro-linguistic solutions working in several languages ​​of the world. A system that processes “meanings” and morphology of languages. AI-based solutions are integrated into smart home systems, IVR systems, and automated support services. Qwerty AI demo bots are available in renowned instant messengers.

In 2021, we plan to launch a competitor to the well-known Telegram messenger, the proprietary messenger QAIM (Qwerty AI Messenger), which, on the one hand, will use similar technologies that ensure user safety (end-to-end encryption and key exchange between devices using the Diffie Hellman protocol), and on the other - We impose more serious requirements in the field of privacy, allowing us to avoid tying phone or email numbers using two-factor authentication without transferring users personal data. QAIM will also be dominated by the artificial intelligence of Qwerty AI. Thus, the messenger can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a personal assistant.

Currently, we are developing complex, highly loaded web solutions: international marketplaces and web portals, social networks, payment systems. We are ready to become not only your reliable partner, but also your friend!

Top Qwerty Networks Specialists

Our team consists of more than 50+ regular programmers and employees around the world, as well as several dozen specialists from partner companies involved in various projects. Ordinary programmers grow in our team and move into giant companies, or stay with us, occupying leadership positions in separate areas. But the backbone of our team has not changed since 2014!

Maxim Novichkov

CEO, investor and owner of QN, chief ideologist, chief software engineer

Marina Stroyeva

CEO Social Networks (Russian branch of the company), co-investor in a number of projects

Denis Kiyanichenko


Sergey Gusarov

Chief Engineer

Denis Vorobiev

Software Engineer, Infrastructure Manager

Anton Yuttsev

Technical Director

And other specialists
The company plans to conduct an IPO until 2023 and launch a global competitor to Facebook - Qwerty Networks, a segmented social network.

We have undeniable advantages

We are unique

Our company is one of the few integrators in the international market that offers the commercial deployment of real social networks based on powerful scalable solutions, projects that can handle multimillion web traffic and have almost unlimited development potential.

We create IT

Many large Internet projects use our know-how. You have probably come across them many times, not even suspecting that our solutions are in the technology pool! Relying on our many years of experience and achievements, we can safely say that "We create IT"!

A wide range of projects

We are a powerful IT-company that develops high-performance web projects, portals, international social networks, artificial intelligence systems, payment systems and aggregators.

Qwerty Networks Infrastructure

By analogy with the well-known Internet giants, we create and use our own infrastructure that allows us to serve large Internet projects (for example, social networks), including our company's cloud solutions, as well as artificial intelligence solutions.

Ready to co-invest

If we like the idea of ​​your project, we are ready to conclude a joint co-investment agreement and finance development up to 60%, as well as provide additional preferences and help with reaching the second investment round.

Synergy with QAIM

In the near future, "will see the light" a secure messenger Qwerty AI Messenger (QAIM), in a sense, it will be an analogue of Telegram. The fact is that this messenger will be built into all our projects and social networks, which will give an advantage in the exchange of audience between different projects.

Your success is our reputation!

We focus on results, not short-term profits. We just know our work and have been doing it since 2001! We do not waste your time and carry out only those projects in which we are confident. Members of the Qwerty Networks and Social Networks LLC teams at various times took an active part in the creation of many well-known social networks and projects.

Individual approach

In our work, we adhere to the tactics of an individual approach to each client. This method allows us to succeed in solutions of any complexity. With us you will be comfortable "as at home"!

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«Thanks to the Qwerty Networks team for creating my digital personality, the Marat 3.0 avatar based on the Qwerty AI system. It's fantastic. Virtual Marat is available for communication on the resource for everyone. Marat 3.0 is smarter than me - speaks different languages. And he is more responsible than me, because he answers 24 hours a day. Welcome to my site, visit and communicate with my electronic copy! ;)»


«Perhaps the only team in the European market that offers the creation of realy horizontally-scalable social networks, portals and artificial intelligence systems at an affordable price.»


«The unique experience of the Qwerty Networks team is applicable in many high-tech startups, and the company's solutions allow you to implement the most daring ideas. Finally, we found a strategic technical partner and co-investor of some of our projects.»


Qwerty Networks

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