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Our company provides unique services for the creation of international social networks

We have created many famous projects

Members of the Qwerty Networks and Social Networks LLC teams at various times took an active part in the creation of many well-known social networks and portals. Currently, we work with clients from around the world, as well as with government agencies to create highly loaded web systems. Upon your request we will send additional information!

Qwerty Social Network Engine

Qwerty Social Network Engine (QSNE) is the platform on which powerful social networks and highly loaded international web portals are built. But QSNE, despite the fact that the term “engine” is present in the abbreviation, is not just “engine”, this term is not suitable if only because the platform includes, in addition to a powerful framework and tools for deploying social networks, computing and Cloud infrastructures, including Qwerty AI, Qwerty Cloud, and server infrastructure protected from ddos ​​attacks - hundreds of nodes located around the world, providing quick access to projects of our clients.

Platform presentation
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QSNE platform opportunities

  • Built-in support for all world languages ​​and correction tools for translators, automatic determination of the language of new users with the possibility of subsequent customization, translations of publications and user comments, as well as other content, into readers' languages;
  • The functionality of the payment system is an internal billing system based on virtual or national currencies - more than a hundred different currencies, cross-rate calculations taking into account exchange processing centers and the rates of different central banks and payment systems;
  • Qwerty Networks file cloud - the ability to store and configure file access for users - in fact, we provide storage and access capabilities similar to Google Drive + the ability to exchange files, attach them to publications or other objects - this is extremely important, because social networks and complex portals are, in fact, content generators;
  • Billing and payment control systems integrated with notification services;
  • Artificial intelligence Qwerty AI (flexible capabilities, first of all, "technical user support" and "smart ranking of publications");
  • Aggregation of news from authoritative sources (for each project we define a list of "authorities");
  • Possibilities of a marketplace, automation and logistics of sales, as well as internal arbitration of transactions - we can turn your project into an analogue of Aliexpress;
  • Smart contracts and “safe transactions”, internal arbitration service;
  • A very powerful internal mail server for sending messages and a mailing automation system that includes not only checking the validity of addresses, but also overflowing mailboxes;
  • Protection systems against ddos ​​and other types of attacks with automatic notification of providers (by the way, the service is also owned by Qwerty Networks - with this service many large sites are tested for load resistance);
  • Modules for interacting with SMS and telephone services;
  • The system of protecting accounts from brute force and hacking of accounts, logging permissions, a system of double authorizations (the security system of the QSNE platform is given maximum attention);
  • The ability to manage subscriptions to users and communities;
  • Aggressive data caching (similar to Facebook);
  • Flexible privacy settings for users and their publications;
  • Powerful multi-threaded search engine;
  • Creation of communities (open and closed pages, as well as professional and "by subscription");
  • Internal messenger (instant messaging system), integrated with QAIM, with the capabilities of artificial intelligence;
  • Antivirus scan of published content (SDK over 20 antiviruses), intelligent pre-moderation;
  • End-to-end tagging of any content and data in the flow of information;
  • Own shortening link service system;
  • Protection against bots and parsing (verification of user actions);
  • SMM tools;
  • And much more...

Translation into 40+ languages

The Qwerty Social Network software also includes the Transbot expert system, which provides intelligent automatic translation of user publications into 42 languages ​​of the world. The network automatically displays the text of the post in the reader’s language, determining it according to the preference language set in the browser. The system uses the Google Cloud Translate API neural network, as well as its own database of synonyms and phrases. The system is self-learning and also has adjustment tools for translators. The Transbot system is the author’s development of the company and is part of the Qwerty Social Network Engine software and surpasses the technology used in FaceBook in translation accuracy!

How much does a social network cost?

Calculation of investments

Maintenance of a social network or web portal, including technical support, administration of server infrastructure, are labor-intensive tasks requiring constant attention. The cost of data transfer (media, audio, video) between the project nodes, as well as organizing a cloud for storing user data, is very high and in some cases reaches many thousands of euros per month.

We can take these costs on ourselves. You ask - how?

We are interested in new projects and we offer joint ownership of a social network. In this case, the burden of the cost of technical support and hosting of the project is borne by our company. We will provide server infrastructure. If the project idea is interesting, we will take on not only co-financing, but also the costs of technical support.

Choose what size of participation you are ready to offer our company?

the most expensive option

slightly cheaper

mutually beneficial option

the most cheapest option

Stages of creating a social network

The creation of a social network, as a rule, goes in several stages:

1. Discussion of the form of cooperation. At this stage, you need to choose - do you want to be 100% the owner of the project and use us as a contractor and IT partner, or we sign an agreement on joint investment in the project, within which Qwerty Networks retains a share in the project. In this case, we provide the project with a number of bonus preferences (for example, infrastructure and free support during the operation phase).

2. Discussing the concept, agreeing on the final cost and signing the contract. Of course, you know which project you want to receive, but we will help you shape its vision, taking into account global trends and our capabilities. After the concept is agreed upon, we sign the main contract, you make the first investment (as a rule, it is about 15% of the project cost), and we get down to work. This stage takes 1-2 weeks.

3. Project naming, development and approval of mockups, approval of the project style. Yes, only after this stage we proceed to the main stage - development and installation of functionality. Typically, this stage takes 2-4 weeks.

4. Development and installation of social network functionality. This stage, as a rule, consists of 3-5 substages. During this period, we gradually launch the functional blocks, test them with you, discuss and move on.

5. Pre-testing and discussion of additional nuances and blocks. Yes, yes, despite the fact that we have agreed on a concept with you, we may want to add something else to the project. After all, the final vision of a holistic project helps to form additional wishes. It may take some time, usually 1-2 months.

6. Test launch and billing integration. This is more of an organizational than a technical stage. We will coordinate the connection of payment systems with you, check the operability of all parts of the project and agree on the final date for the public start and announcement of the project. This stage takes from 1 month.

7. Social network launch. The goal has been achieved. We have launched a new social network. We do not recommend to stop there. We recommend investing part of the profit from the project in its further development.

We have undeniable advantages

We are unique

Our company is one of the few integrators in the international market that offers the commercial deployment of real social networks based on powerful scalable solutions, projects that can handle multimillion web traffic and have almost unlimited development potential.

We create IT

Many large Internet projects use our know-how. You have probably come across them many times, not even suspecting that our solutions are in the technology pool! Relying on our many years of experience and achievements, we can safely say that "We create IT"!

A wide range of projects

We are a powerful IT-company that develops high-performance web projects, portals, international social networks, artificial intelligence systems, payment systems and aggregators.

Qwerty Networks Infrastructure

By analogy with the well-known Internet giants, we create and use our own infrastructure that allows us to serve large Internet projects (for example, social networks), including our company's cloud solutions, as well as artificial intelligence solutions.

Ready to co-invest

If we like the idea of ​​your project, we are ready to conclude a joint co-investment agreement and finance development up to 60%, as well as provide additional preferences and help with reaching the second investment round.

Synergy with QAIM

In the near future, "will see the light" a secure messenger Qwerty AI Messenger (QAIM), in a sense, it will be an analogue of Telegram. The fact is that this messenger will be built into all our projects and social networks, which will give an advantage in the exchange of audience between different projects.

Your success is our reputation!

We focus on results, not short-term profits. We just know our work and have been doing it since 2001! We do not waste your time and carry out only those projects in which we are confident. Members of the Qwerty Networks and Social Networks LLC teams at various times took an active part in the creation of many well-known social networks and projects.

Individual approach

In our work, we adhere to the tactics of an individual approach to each client. This method allows us to succeed in solutions of any complexity. With us you will be comfortable "as at home"!

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«Thanks to the Qwerty Networks team for creating my digital personality, the Marat 3.0 avatar based on the Qwerty AI system. It's fantastic. Virtual Marat is available for communication on the resource for everyone. Marat 3.0 is smarter than me - speaks different languages. And he is more responsible than me, because he answers 24 hours a day. Welcome to my site, visit and communicate with my electronic copy! ;)»


«Perhaps the only team in the European market that offers the creation of realy horizontally-scalable social networks, portals and artificial intelligence systems at an affordable price.»


«The unique experience of the Qwerty Networks team is applicable in many high-tech startups, and the company's solutions allow you to implement the most daring ideas. Finally, we found a strategic technical partner and co-investor of some of our projects.»


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