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So, you decided to become the owner of your own social network. Correct solution. And we support you in this. How much is a social network? It depends on many factors.

It is important to take into account the fact that we create the most real social networks. Powerful web projects that can withstand high loads. We do not use public web engines - public solutions will create external similarity with the social network, but technically they will not be able to solve a number of specialized tasks and withstand a serious load! We implement social networks based on scalable solutions of our company, based on which many international web portals and scalable projects operate.

Calculation of investments in the creation of a social network

Step 1: Shared participation in the project

Maintenance of a social network or web portal, including technical support, administration of server infrastructure, are labor-intensive tasks requiring constant attention. The cost of data transfer (media, audio, video) between the project nodes, as well as organizing a cloud for storing user data, is very high and in some cases reaches many thousands of euros per month.

We can take these costs on ourselves. You ask - how?

We are interested in new projects and we offer joint ownership of a social network. In this case, the burden of the cost of technical support and hosting of the project is borne by our company. We will provide server infrastructure. If the project idea is interesting, we will take on not only co-financing, but also the costs of technical support.

Choose what size of participation you are ready to offer our company?

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Qwerty Social Network Engine - software and hardware complex for creating social networks.

We accept orders and are glad to any cooperation in the field of development and joint launch of social networks, highly loaded portals, payment systems.

We develop not simple sites, but the most real horizontal scalable social networks, as well as dating sites and high-loaded portals.. Do you want to become a new Zuckerberg? Contact us! We're not kidding! ;)

In our person you will get a reliable business partner!

The creation of social networks



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