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Instructions for communicating with the artificial intelligence of Qwerty Networks

The Qwerty AI robot, using the principles of artificial intelligence, is available in the following messengers:

Viber - https://qwertynetworks.com/l/QwertyAI
Telegram - https://t.me/QwertyAIbot
FB Messenger - Qwerty Networks Page

Some advertising:

1. We offer services for installing chat bots with artificial intelligence on business sites! Only a few companies can boast of such solutions. The introduction of artificial intelligence will indicate a high level of development of the company and a caring attitude towards customers. Clients will not only be able to ask questions related to your business, but also, even communicate with AI on any other topics. Experience shows that the use of artificial intelligence on the company's website significantly increases the positive response and trust from customers and affects the growth and effectiveness of sales.
More details on the link - https://digitalmarketing.ru/chatbots

2. We will create your personal bot in Telegram, Viber, Fassebok - the bot will be your "digital personality" - it will be able to answer questions and even give interviews instead of you!
An example of the implementation of a "digital personality" - https://guelman.ru


1. You can communicate and / or ask questions in any language of the world - the robot knows dozens of languages. But his main languages - Russian, English, German, French and Spanish - he understands them best. To switch to another language - just write a phrase in that language.

2. If you want to know the meaning of any term, be sure to start your question with the phrase (for example) «What is a synchrophasotron?»; if the question is about a person, start with the phrase (for example) «Who is Benjamin Franklin?».

3. The robot will remind you of important matters. Just write to him "Remind me to call the partner tomorrow" (you can specify any date or time, you can use any words) - the robot will understand you and remind you by sending a message.

4. If you are interested in detailed information about the weather or weather forecast anywhere in the world, ask the robot a corresponding question (for example, "What is the weather in Budva today?" Or "Tell me what is the air temperature in Washington in the coming days?").

5. You can add your own questions and answers. If you are not satisfied with any answer, send your answer in the format "Answer: bla bla bla" in the next message - the robot will process it and, if the answer is correct, artificial intelligence will make it accessible not only to you!

6. The robot is a good mathematician. In the message, you can write any mathematical example (for example, 7 + 6 * (5 + 4)) or ask in ordinary language "How much will be if a billion is divide into one hundred fifty-five?"

7. To find interesting news or even gossip told by other interlocutors, write the phrase "Read XXXX" (where XXXX is the channel number) or simply "Read" (to find out the list of available channels and instructions for working with them) - the robot likes chat and share information! To tell the robot your news or gossip, create your own channel (write "Create a channel NAME").

8. If you are bored, the robot will tell you a joke. To do this, write the phrase "Anecdote". Or "tell a joke". Or "tell anedot about computer" - yes, yes, he will understand you! After all, this is a real AI)))))

9. If your question concerns a specific place, be sure to specify the location, for example, "Where to buy buckwheat in Montenegro?".

10. I can analyze images. Send me a photo and I will say what I think about it! )))

11. Artificial intelligence can also:

To do this, open one of the following links through your mobile browser:
Viber - https://qwertynetworks.com/l/QwertyAI
Telegram - https://t.me/QwertyAIbot
FB Messenger - Qwerty Networks Page
Artificial intelligence will automatically send you counter-offers that suit your requirements!

We are available in the following languages:

About us

Qwerty Networks - a group of projects that use a single information and functional environment for the creation and development of social networks. Our projects - is a powerful social networks. Our company provides unique services for creating full-scale international social networks, as well as multifunctional Internet portals.

We develop not simple sites, but the most real horizontal scalable social networks, as well as dating sites and high-loaded portals! The company Qwerty Networks implements projects based on the Qwerty Social Network Engine - a software and hardware complex for creating social networks.

We accept orders and are glad to any cooperation in the field of development and joint launch of social networks, highly loaded portals, payment systems. In our person you will get a reliable business partner!

Do you want to become a new Zuckerberg? Contact us! We're not kidding!

How much is a social network?

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